Thursday, December 27, 2007

December came and almost left!

Over the last month, much has been done. I have seen my Rehab Doctor for a checkup. My endocrinologist has switched clinics and no longer takes my insurance. I have dealt with the Christmas rush and have survived without going postal. I have also kept weight steady with all the extra treats foisted on all this holiday season. My blood sugars have been quite good. (120 average). I have also had lots of broadcast and studio equipment to repair and maintain over all of this and my ladyfriend and her little one. Erik has had it rough. He had an ankle which got rammed by a little friend's power chair when it went haywire. Shattered his ankle in 24 places. He also had an artificial hip get an infection and both hips need replacement. And having to deal with his Type 1 diabetes on top of that. He's home and doing better and got the casts off. I have had really high levels of spasticity on top of that. I have been advised to get another Baclofen Pump surgically implanted. (I had one from 2001-2003). I see the neurosurgeon next Monday about this. I also will be referred to another endocrinologist, Dr. David Huffman soon in Chattanooga. I am also in the process of considering a continuous glucose monitor. Will likely get a Dexcom 7. Stay tuned for future additions to the state of the engineer.