Monday, July 28, 2008

One week of Life, amplified!

I have had an adventuresome week. I have had my nephew, Alex over and my Mom from Oak Ridge. Also, my wife's little adopted baby son has had issues. Bjorn has spina bifida and has had a rough little life in his 10 months. He has a shunt which had a failure. As a result, he's been swollen and very uncomfortable. Our pediatrician had him checked out by a pediatric neurosurgeon and they told us he needed the shunt repaired. Ingrid, my wife and Bjorn spent 4 days in Children's Hospital in Knoxville. He's doing great now. I have had issues of my own. Mainly my One Touch UltraSmart reading too low. I am using my backup Freestyle Freedom while I am awaiting a replacement meter. I have also had to adjust my Insulin/Carbohydrate ratios and Insulin Sensitivity Factor and learn how to do my own adjustments. So a lot of studying and testing BG. Erik is doing great and no problems. Ingrid is a rock and superb. I have PT ongoing. Working out like a dog. Running lots of Temporary Basals and snacks keeping the blood sugars fine.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A celebration of pumping!

July 3 of this year marks my third year of insulin pumping. I have really preferred it to the old routine of 6-7 injections a day and having less freedom. I have an Animas IR 1250 and chose it really carefully out of the available pumps. I have no regrets over that choice. The Animas trainers have been superb to work with and a pleasure. I can say pump training is much like D boot camp and like being diagnosed again in terms of what is learned in a short amount of time. I could write a book on infusion set reactions and allergies to the cannula. My pump is named R2D2 as it beeps just like the robot when he demands input from the operator. I begin PT tomorrow with some newly fine tuned basal rates and trying to work around my primitive balance.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I have returned!

It has been a chaotic several months. Been dealing with my wife's baby a lot and him being Type 1 diabetic. I have also dealt with my grandmother having a serious illness. She had a bacterial infection and it was really serious. Her doctor was away and she had superb care while in the hospital and he released her too soon. We changed doctors to a new one who is much more interested in her. We are doing OK. My HbA1C has been good through all this, 5.4%. I have changed my infusion sets on my Animas IR 1250 from Inset 30s (I am allergic to the cannula) to Contact Detach and have had success. Had a fine fourth of July. Plan to return with more posts. I am also dealing with relearning balance, gait, and movement after many Botox injections last month. Had the Physical Therapy evaluation and am waiting for approval of PT.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February and it's challenges/opportunities!

February is here and challenging. Still looking for an endocrinologist. I will be beginning outpatient rehabilitation at Siskin Hospital. Saw Dr. Vemuri and we are working on gait retraining and reducing spasticity. Another goal is working on techniques to save physical energy. Been dealing with lots of asthma this week. I also had to change insulin to Apidra due to rash issues. My infusion sites have gone from lasting 1 day to 2-3 days since changing. I have also had a lot of issues with work and damaged equipment needing repairs and keeping one of our stations off the air. Next week, I will celebrate one more trip around the sun. Wednesday, February, 13 to be exact. Gotta go for now and get some things done.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Heaven in a disaster area or D Humor!

I have seen more highs and lows and kinked pump catheters. Correcting down highs and trying to keep Somogyi and his demons at bay. Like Robert Johnson, there is a HellHound On My Trail. So with further ado, here are some of my winners:

Darn Effect aka D*** Effect- What Goes Down Must Come Up. Hymn to it is "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat & Tears
I Can't Drive at 55- Classic Rock song for D People.
Oh, Dexcom, Where art Thou!

Other D News in East Tennessee. Diabetes Update is on January 19, 2008. It will be held at Bearden High School in Knoxville, TN. To register, call 1-888-DIABETES x 3341. There are superb speakers and lots of major Diabetes vendors and education providers on hand. Worth attending for East Tennessee people. An American Diabetes Association event. Tell them I sent you.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 is now here!

I have just began to realize that I have survived another trip around the sun. Many things have come and gone. I have managed to control Diabetes instead of Diabetes controlling me. I have met many great people. Paige of Tennessee Mountain Cur is a favorite blogger and recommended reading. I have also learned how to Blog and enjoy posting this for all. I am getting comfortable with dealing with toddlers with Diabetes after several crises.

I have also learned that I am not a good candidate for the Baclofen pump, so a different direction on spasticity is needed. Most oral medicines don't do well for me at doses which work. The side effects aren't livable. So back to Siskin for advice. I am also in the process of setting up an appointment with a new endocrinologist.

I desire to lose weight and gain more energy and confidence and keep blood sugar in the same excellent range. My HbA1C has been between 5.4-5.7 all of 2007. So I am wishing all a fine 2008 and may all drink in life's possibilities. I am hoping spina bifida doesn't give me any new issues and we do fine. I hope to get my hip more stable.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

December came and almost left!

Over the last month, much has been done. I have seen my Rehab Doctor for a checkup. My endocrinologist has switched clinics and no longer takes my insurance. I have dealt with the Christmas rush and have survived without going postal. I have also kept weight steady with all the extra treats foisted on all this holiday season. My blood sugars have been quite good. (120 average). I have also had lots of broadcast and studio equipment to repair and maintain over all of this and my ladyfriend and her little one. Erik has had it rough. He had an ankle which got rammed by a little friend's power chair when it went haywire. Shattered his ankle in 24 places. He also had an artificial hip get an infection and both hips need replacement. And having to deal with his Type 1 diabetes on top of that. He's home and doing better and got the casts off. I have had really high levels of spasticity on top of that. I have been advised to get another Baclofen Pump surgically implanted. (I had one from 2001-2003). I see the neurosurgeon next Monday about this. I also will be referred to another endocrinologist, Dr. David Huffman soon in Chattanooga. I am also in the process of considering a continuous glucose monitor. Will likely get a Dexcom 7. Stay tuned for future additions to the state of the engineer.