Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A celebration of pumping!

July 3 of this year marks my third year of insulin pumping. I have really preferred it to the old routine of 6-7 injections a day and having less freedom. I have an Animas IR 1250 and chose it really carefully out of the available pumps. I have no regrets over that choice. The Animas trainers have been superb to work with and a pleasure. I can say pump training is much like D boot camp and like being diagnosed again in terms of what is learned in a short amount of time. I could write a book on infusion set reactions and allergies to the cannula. My pump is named R2D2 as it beeps just like the robot when he demands input from the operator. I begin PT tomorrow with some newly fine tuned basal rates and trying to work around my primitive balance.

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