Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 is now here!

I have just began to realize that I have survived another trip around the sun. Many things have come and gone. I have managed to control Diabetes instead of Diabetes controlling me. I have met many great people. Paige of Tennessee Mountain Cur is a favorite blogger and recommended reading. I have also learned how to Blog and enjoy posting this for all. I am getting comfortable with dealing with toddlers with Diabetes after several crises.

I have also learned that I am not a good candidate for the Baclofen pump, so a different direction on spasticity is needed. Most oral medicines don't do well for me at doses which work. The side effects aren't livable. So back to Siskin for advice. I am also in the process of setting up an appointment with a new endocrinologist.

I desire to lose weight and gain more energy and confidence and keep blood sugar in the same excellent range. My HbA1C has been between 5.4-5.7 all of 2007. So I am wishing all a fine 2008 and may all drink in life's possibilities. I am hoping spina bifida doesn't give me any new issues and we do fine. I hope to get my hip more stable.

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Paige said...

What a sweet shout-out! Thanks!

I'm sorry that the Baclofen pump is not going to work out; I hope that Siskin can help you figure out a new direction.

Happy New Year, Kent! I hope that 2008 holds many good things in store for you.