Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have had quite a weekend!

I have had an interesting weekend! First, my left hip went out of socket 3 times and was swollen and inflamed. Meaning a late night trip to the emergency room for a Toradol shot in my left hip to calm that down.

I also had issues with my Animas IR 1250 insulin pump. I had a difficult time with priming cycles on the pump. Would go to prime my pump and the pump would get stuck in the middle of the priming cycle. It usually worked fine on the second attempt. Then I got a Call Service alarm on the pump. So I called Animas Pump Support (wonderful people) and they walked me through the issue. I had to take the battery out of the pump and reinsert it, I then had to rewind and prime the pump. So far, so good. Until Saturday night.

I was at WJSQ/WLAR studios in Athens, during a Nascar race broadcast. My Blood Glucose was dropping (misjudged a carb count on the supper bolus). So I opted for a 70% basal reduction, I entered TEMPBASAL on the pump, it wouldn't let me enter one. So another call to Animas Pump Support. After trying several different things, the support engineer recommended sending me another IR 1250 pump. I chose Silver instead of my usual Blue. Superstition perhaps. I called my girlfriend and let her know about the issue. She suggested I try activating Child Lock as Pump Support said I had a stuck button on my pump. The pump is OK for now.

I attended a street fair in Athens Saturday morning. It's PumpkinFest. There were many booths with community services and businesses, food vendors, and arts and craftspeople and a large crowd. Beautiful old small town, Athens is. I got quite a workout in my chair with my mom, Helen and my nephew, Alex. Had a superb time. Slept in this morning. I am taking Helen and Alex back to meet Stephanie, Alex's mom in Lenoir City, TN halfway. Then back to reality for the week.

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