Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thriller Week

This week has began in an interesting way. My PC was acting like a voodoo experiment gone bad. It crashed and I had to do some reconfiguring and organization work. I have also had to change infusion sites on my pump and use my thighs and tail end. Problem with that is being of limited and often spastic reach it's difficult to use the tail end. I have also had my allergies and rashes spread too. Saw my nurse practitioner at clinic yesterday and she advised meeting with my pump trainer and trying some different infusion sets on my pump. I am glad that I have a pump with Luer Lock infusion sets. More options that way and you can use whatever your body likes. I was also advised to try different adhesive removers. Confucian curses strike again.

Also, got my flu shot last night and a HbA1c ran. Got the result back 5.5% a few moments ago. Bliss! With very few lows at that. I have been listening to lots of fine music. I heard the Haydn String Quartets by the Lindsays. Superb recording. Also, been listening to lots of singer/songwriters and looking back to the old days. If you have a turntable, get thee the new Warner Brothers/ Because Music Matters reissue of "Sweet Baby James". It is superb and the best you'll ever hear this classic. Thanks to Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray at Acoustech Mastering. Costs about $25 and worth the investment. Act now as the edition is limited.

With this post and onward, I will also have reviews on records, compact discs, and audio equipment old and new. I love music as a way to unwind from Diabetes and disabilities. Also, some commentary on the arts is now a feature. Also, I will comment on wheelchair athletics and adapted vehicles and their maintenance. In short, broadening my horizons.

I drive a 1996 Nissan Sentra with hand controls and a knob on the steering wheel. My wheelchair is a Quickie Ti Titanium I have had since 2002. I use Loftstrand Crutches for short distances. I use Walk Easy ultralight crutches and they are superb and save energy.

I prefer Nikon manual film cameras for my photographs and get my film scanned. I also use a Kodak Retina 1b from Germany with a Schneider Xenar 2.8 50 MM lens which is focused by distance scale. It was made in 1957. My Nikon FG was made in 1982.

My audio preferences will be discussed next time. I do prefer vintage gear for the most part. Have a super Halloween and a fun time.

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