Sunday, October 14, 2007

More spastic adventures!

I drove my mom and Alex to Lenoir City this afternoon. Dropped them off at Krystal (a small, square hamburger which is excellent. 1 of them is 17G carbs or about 1.1 U bolus. 1.15 carb ratio and delicious. Equivalent to White Castles for northerners). On the drive to Lenoir City, hit several bumps putting the left hip out of socket. Reboot needed. Put hip in socket and drive to Knoxvile, TN for a staff meeting at WUOT-FM 91.9 concerning the new satellite receivers and other technical issues. After meeting, cut several LP records on the old Neumann Lathe ( A German made record cutting system which most fine records were made on, built in 1971). After supper, drove home to Athens, TN (60 miles) in my old 1996 Nissan Sentra ( a fine small car). Got home, napped about 45 minutes and logged on to the WWW. Also looked at some LP records I am considering purchasing for my collection and saw my lady friend and her toddler. Just another day in paradise. Good BG values for the day. 100 on the low end and 144 on the high. 122 for the day average. Thanks, Pump!

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